Hobie Kayaks for Sale Oceanside CA

Come visit and demo your favorite Hobie kayak.  We have over 20 models for sale including Mirage Pedal, Fishing and Inflatable Kayaks. We help match your needs to the right choice. FREE demos on all models every day. Looking to fish from your kayak? We can outfit your kayak for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. It’s what we do. - Pure Watersports, Dana Point and Oceanside CA.

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Hobie Kayaks for Sale Oceanside CA.

Looking for affordable kayaks for sale in Oceanside?  Check out Pure Watersports in Oceanside CA.
We have over 20 models to choose from!

When purchasing a kayak, first decide how you will be using your kayak. All Hobie kayaks can be customized for fishing (even the inflatable models.)  But what can’t be customized is the overall feel and capabilities of the kayak, the stability, speed, ease of use and comfort.  Find a kayak that offers the right kind of ride. That’s why Pure Watersports offers free demos on all its kayaks. Taking a test ride will answer many of your questions.

You can use your Hobie kayaks to connect with other kayakers, use it for a relaxing cruise or step it up for a handy workout.

Types of Kayaks Sold at Pure Watersports

- Pedal
- Inflatable
- Fishing
- Duo or Single
- Hobie Mirage
- Islands

Hobie MirageDrive 180 for Pedal Kayaks 

Hobie’s unique kayak pedaling system has enjoyed over 20 years of industry leading popularity through constant upgrades and improvements.  The current version, the MirageDrive 180, produces full power in both directions and offers unprecedented maneuverability for your pedal kayak.  By using shifters, you can instantly shift between moving forward and moving in reverse.

The dual propulsion fins provide shallow water access and easy shore landings by simply pushing either pedal forward. New for 2018 are ARC cranks that adjust with the push of a button to accommodate users from child size to tall adults.

We are Ready to Help  Oceanside Residents Get More Enjoyment on the Water with a Hobie Kayak Purchase.

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Hobie Kayak Terminology

Weight Capacity: This is how much weight the kayak will hold.  That's your weight plus your gear. When a kayak is overloaded it sits too  low in the water and your pedaling/paddling efficiency is compromised.

Length: Longer kayaks glide better than short kayaks and will give you more speed with the same amount of effort. Longer kayaks also offer more storage space.  Shorter kayaks will turn more quickly.  A few inches in length does not matter much, but more than 2 feet will be noticeable.

Width: A hull with more width offers more initial stability but narrower hulls will have more speed. The wider hull is going to give you additional storage space and features that are not available on the narrower models.  Also look for any fishing features that are important and for mounting space for customization.

Rudders and Skegs: These help your kayak to track straighter in the wind. A skeg is a drop-down fin that helps the kayak to stay on course in heavy winds.  A rudder is a fin which flips down from the back of the boat.  This item is not fixed like the skeg.  On all Hobie pedal kayaks, the rudder is adjusted with a simple steering control mounted on the hull.

Seats: Don't take your seat for granted.  You'll be spending a lot of time in the seat so get one that is padded and comfortable for you.  Unlike the traditional kayak seat pad that sits on the deck of the kayak, all Hobie pedal kayaks include a very comfortable chair with multiple adjustments to maximize your comfort.

Hatches: This is your interior storage area, whether for fishing gear, a cooler or backup clothing for adverse conditions.  All Hobie kayaks, with the exception of inflatables, have ampl internals storage with at least one access hatch.  Most of these kayaks have 3 or 4 hatches.

What to look for in a Kayak Hull

A lightweight kayak is easier to carry, easier to load onto your car and easier to get up to speed. A lighter kayak also allows you to load more gear because less of the weight capacity is taken up by the weight of the kayak itself. Lightweight materials can also make a kayak cost substantially more.

Polyethylene plastic:  The vast majority of consumer level kayaks are made of variations of polyethylene.  Hobie uses a superior product called Super-Linear 2 Polyethylene.  As the name implies, this polymer forms linear chains that make the plastic stronger and durable.  Hobie also incorporates a UV inhibitor in the plastic so that your kayak color won’t fade over time. Pure Watersports has storage options available at its Dana Point location.

ABS plastic: Slightly more expensive than polyethylene, it offers similar durability. For more money you get a slightly lower weight than polyethylene, plus some UV resistance. ABS boats have a distinctive two-tone design which comes from having the deck and hull made separately then bonded together.

Composites: Lightweight fiberglass and ultralight carbon-fiber boats offer a huge increase in performance and price. UV rays aren’t a big concern with these materials, but a major impact with rocks could be a problem.

Greg B. for
Pure Watersports, Oceanside.

"I purchased a used Hobie Oasis kayak, with no prior experience or familiarity with them. Chris, at the Oceanside location has been extremely helpful, and willing to take time to help me figure it out, and also make some "tweaks" to get it functioning perfectly. Just super service! "

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